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FNaF Fan Character - BobbySocks by AngryOldBat FNaF Fan Character - BobbySocks by AngryOldBat
Drew this sometime last year when I decided to jump onto the fan character bandwagon and held back from posting it when I finished it because, one, I was afraid of the feedback I'd get and, two, the fan made Five Nights at Freddy's 3 came out along with that Freddy Cat character. :iconlazycryplz: Yeah. I suffer from a lack of self-confidence. But then I kicked myself in the butt this morning and told myself "If they don't like it, they don't like it. Just post it!" So, yeah.

Designed him after our cat who actually seems to think he IS a chef as he likes to sit on a stool we have in the kitchen and watch us cook. If he can reach it, he'd also try to pull random herbs and spices from our spice cabinet. (And yes, his tail is bent like that. He was born with it. It doesn't seem to bother him, so we left it as is.) Also thought about an animatronic who helps kids pick out their favorite toppings for pizzas.

And that's about it....*hides*

Five Nights at Freddy's and the entire series belong to Scott Cawthon
character and design are MINE

:doh: I really really REALLY didn't find out about that fan made game until after I drew him. I swear!
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February 3, 2015
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