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Bloodborne by AngryOldBat Bloodborne by AngryOldBat
Just so happened to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot and decided "Hey! I should post the art I meant to post last year, but never got to because of shit internet towards the end!" Also just to show that I'm still alive and kicking. Just really low motivation and a tendency to finish something and suddenly decide "No one'll like this! Either just throw it on tumblr and/or Facebook, hashtag it, and pretend this site never exists!" :depressed: Yeah, I'm really bad at that...

So I finally got a PS4 last year. Wasn't going to because almost everything that was on PS4 was also on Xbox and I live in a Xbox family, but THEN the epic, beautiful, rage-inducing game, Bloodborne, appeared on my gamer radar (along with Until Dawn, but I don't have that yet) and I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE A COPY....I regret nothing....

This was drawn BEFORE I got the game, and was an idea on how I wanted my Hunter to look. But I couldn't figure out the controls on the character customization screen when I finally got a copy and so my Hunter doesn't have that lovely red hair. Not my first one, anyway.

Bloodborne and all related characters belong to From Soft
Fanart shown above is MINE
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February 11, 2016
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